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If you are looking for an open source office facility tools like Word, Excel sheets etc, then Open Office can stop your search. It is the biggest rival tool of Microsoft Office that comes with unlimited period registration. You don’t have to worry about the payment or to activate it unlike MS Office. It is as simple as notepad and other facilities which brings you better user interface along with number of benefits. The best part of Open office is, it supports all files that are created by MS office programs. Meanwhile you can access the files you have created via MS office. Open office supports all the file formats that makes it easier to use. In this article we will briefly discuss some of incredible facts about Open office and how can you utilize such offers as well.

Before we continue, let’s take a note on advantages and disadvantages that comes with Open office. There is no doubt that it holds trendy suite programs alongside various updates without upsells. You can get overall view of this program tool. So these are the Pros and Cons of the Open office 2018 given below –

Pros Cons
Free of cost program suite Cannot handle huge excel files
No lump sum needs to pay Average presentation features
Supports every file format No cloud storage option
Easy to use word processing program
Better text wrapping, spell checking etc features

Open office is one of smart and efficient word processing unit which cost you nothing for almost every tool concluded in it. This has managed to provide bargain version of suite with tool to compete with massive rival i.e. MS Office. Some of the options are limited in Open office due to the source conservative. But overall it is a best option to use for normal use it avail you PowerPoint, word, excel, spreadsheets and much more. Every computer system must have word processing unit that can be used to work. This application suite works and look like Microsoft office but unlike it, Open office is free. It is able to work on every file extension that is created by MS office. Open office is made up to provide convenience to the users so that user won’t figure out the situation to install other software to execute MS office file.

Download Apache OpenOffice

Windows [EXE] | Mac OSx

It is also useful to share files between two users. Due to format support, one can send or share files with others in case it use MS office or Open office. Open office runs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating system pc. The files you would create will be saved in the local hard drive only. You cannot save files on the cloud because Open office do not provide cloud services. This is a minor limitation, but nothing to worry because we have a solution for this problem. After creating a file in Open office, you can save it to the local hard disk drive in your computer. Later, find out a free cloud services like Google, upload the document on it. Isn’t it cool!!!

Included Apps

Open office is good enough for user who require normal tools for word processing and to prepare a presentation. Yes some of the tools might lack in it, because still it is good option for millions of users. Open office do contain apps and compatible tools apart from word processing, PowerPoint etc. This includes writer, impress, Draw, Maths and Calc tool in it. It is very compatible and handy to user with different document extensions like docx, pptx and xlsx. Common formats are also supported by it like rtf and txt.


There is no any collaboration fundamentals included in it. User can observe that Open office falls behind some of features like clouds and collaborations. Yet it is a powerful tool for a better experience of word processing tool or to prepare a presentation ppt. It is easy to create word file in it, just launch the open office and select word option from the panel. You can get variety of themes and tool trays in it. It has number of advantages to offer you like drawing, maths, excel and much more. You can get all the basic features of alternatives file processing unit along with almost features of MS office in it. Hence there is no doubt to accept the fact that Open office is a great tool to go for word processing and ppts.


Open office contains vast number of interactive themes and style that you can get inside. It do not follow the traditional stereotype themes. It is somewhat different and helps to attract users as well. It do no provide upsell products and don’t make ads while using it. As it is an open source word processing application tool, you do not need worry about the license activation as well. In LibreOffice, you can tighten the control over the looks of the open office tools. You can customize tool and can place near your approach so that it takes lesser time to find it when required. It is far flexible and let user manage all these things according to the efficiency and convenience. It do not compel user to upgrade the version with higher versions and do not upsell product over it. Meanwhile open office is the pure suite for office work. It does a great job for the moderately used tools provided in all application inside it.


Impress can be referred as the power slide version of the open office, hence when there is a meeting, there is an impress. It do not contain a side bar so you can get the all the slides effects with Impress tool. It covers up all the featuring activities like animations, formatting, master pages, gallery, navigation and slide effects. User can also import slid shows too.

Key Specs

  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Add-on tools
  • Impress
  • Export/import files feature


Smart, free source, efficient and dedicated work tool experience, everything is included in it. Hence if you are looking for a normal usage office tool for your computer system, open office is here for you. Grab this opportunity now to get the unlimited experience of lifetime work office suite.

For more information, visit official website of the OpenOffice.  

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